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About Faith In Action

Turning Passion into Action

FIASGP is a community based non-profit dedicated to finding ways to assist
the low-income and homeless through social justice projects. FIASGP has
been meeting since 2007 and has initiated projects such as funding hotel
vouchers for homeless individuals, providing tents and blankets for
distribution, and meeting with individuals to navigate resources leading to self-




FIA-SGP is dedicated to meeting the short term and long-term needs for the low-income and homeless in the San Gorgonio Pass. The group is in need of people who are willing to learn about available social services (WIC, CalFresh, housing, etc.) and interact with people who may need assistance in understanding and gaining access to programs to improve their overall economic situation. FIA-SGP has opened a Navigation Center located at 66 South San Gorgonio Ave Units 5-6. This navigation center includes employment resources, access to computers, and assistance to navigate government programs. Make an appointment to meet with a Navigator today 951-922-0111.


Success Story

Submitted By: Devone, Navigator

Date of submission: August 26, 2022


These two people (65-year-old mother and 45-year-old son) are homeless living in a car because his mental impairments prevent him from working and her husband will not allow them to stay in the house with him.  The son recently lost his job because of his mental condition. The mother is awaiting a Section 8 voucher.

They came to Faith in Action seeking a motel room or at least a safer place to park the car at night. We contacted the police department and asked for, and were given, a list of safe and legal places to park.

We placed them on the waiting list for space in the Opportunity Village. They have been given space at the Opportunity Village and are expecting to receive a housing voucher soon.

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